It's simple, Brad Olson Tanning offers a full range of tanning at the BEST VALUE! 

Whether you are a beginner, seasonal or an experienced tanner, we strive to give you the best results, the greatest comfort and convenience, and the most options in achieving your tanning goal.  

We have been in the Tanning business for over 30 years! Think about that. None of our competitors can say that.  You can feel confident we can accomodate all of your tanning needs.  Our clients enjoy the widest variety of Tanning packages & memberships in the industry. No matter what reason you are tanning, we have a plan to fit, while giving you the most tanning access for most competitive price! 

Our Members also enjoy UNLIMITED TANNING on the  BIGGEST AND BEST MEMBERSHIP TANNING BEDS. Brad Olson Hair and Tan Tanning

Many others come and go OUT of business taking with them your tanning package.   You can trust our History will see another 30 years. 

Gift Cards are also available if you don't know which package is best for that special friend, or family member!


Why does my skin tan after UV exposure?
This is your body's adaptation in order to protect itself against burning. You are literally building a tolerance tan. 

Why is tanning indoors better?
It is Controlled. The Length and Intensity of your Exposure is suited to your Brad Olson Hair and Tan Tanningneeds and tolerance at that moment.  Climate and Speed are a bonus! 

Why does my Tan Fade?
Your skin exfoliates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. the speed at which your tan fades is related to your speed of exfoliation. Better maintained skin tans BETTER. The use of a top quality moisturizer as well as the use of quality Tanning lotions will ensure you get the most out of each session.  

Do I really need eyewear? 
YES and yes! Eyewear must be certified to meet federal CFR standards. We offer a variety of eye protection including disposable for times when you are without yours.  

Although these may be a few of your questions, Tanningtruth.com is a public information site dedicated to teaching a responsible, balanced and effective message about sun care.  It’s more important than ever for the public to hear the full story.

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