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Style is more important than you think when it comes to the image others have of you, and often it is very different than you have of yourself. Hair is often said to bring an individual's self-image into focus. The sharpness of that focus depends on the person who cuts the hair.

When it comes to STYLE, what is important is for your Haircut to be tailored to you, with precision and craftsmanship.    Do not think for a second that the “super” haircut you paid $10 or less is doing you any favors.  There is more than a world of difference and it has an effect on how you look and feel.  If you have not ever had a haircut that fit you or was tailored for your unique features, it is now time.

Since 1899 Barbering has been in our family through FOUR Generations and likely even longer.  Come and see the difference and invest in yourself.

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If you’re getting thin on top or if you already are take a look and see what
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