Brad Olson Hair and Tan Hair Replacement
Brad Olson Hair Replacement

Both MEN AND WOMEN lose their hair. Everyone would agree we ALL look and Feel better WITH our Hair, and EVEN BETTER when our hair looks as good as is possible. When you have experienced hair loss, YOU KNOW the loss is not confined to your head, It DOES effect how others look at you which effects your personality, confidence and over-all happiness.

I have learned LESS IS BETTER. Hair Replacements have been  a joke in many T.V. commercials. And for good reason.  Thick Systems have always been the problem. That’s not what we sell. 

Someday the industry will get it.  THINNER IS BETTER. Because you only SEE  bad Systems, no one sees the good ones nor will anyone tell their friends they wear a System. If your choice is a light, thin head of hair, call me!

The front hairline is the most important area of any  Hair System. I have natural  hairlines. No need to have bangs (unless you like them), comb your hair up in the front and it looks real. Call for an appointment and find out what good hair looks like!

Brad Olson Hair and Tan Hair Styling Brad Olson Hair and Tan Hair Styling

Others may be as good, but none are better!

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